870.Trades: Signing Up & Trials

Welcome! #

First off, welcome aboard and congrats on taking the first step to financial freedom. We can’t wait to lead you in becoming a profitable trader!

Trading can come off as overwhelming, but having a community to back you in making decisions can take a huge load off that stress. To start, we recommend our users to check out our beginners guide, which might seem daunting at first, but spending a little bit of time each day for a few days will get you through it comfortably.

At this same time we encourage you to claim a 14d Trial so you can have access to our community where our staff and traders can help you start your journey with us.

Next we encourage our new users to schedule a meeting, where we can answer questions you may have developed after reading the beginner guide, as well as hold your hand in officially beginning your journey as a trader.

We will help you setup your brokerage account to the requirements needed to day trade, ensure live data is turned on, as well as make sure you understand how to utilize our services to the best of your ability by showing you how to not only read and understand our trade signals, but how to execute them within your portfolio as well.

Trial Information & How To Claim #

With our 14d trial, you can try the entirety of our service out completely risk free to you. All of our paid memberships include the trial which makes it easy for you to get started.

What package is being trialed? #

The trial is based off whatever package you choose at checkout.

Click the image to go to the packages page.

Do I have to choose a package to get a trial? #

At this time it is the only way we are offering trials, but feel free to contact support to and inquire.

When should I begin my trial? #

Between Monday and Wednesday is ideal since the weekend can cut into valuable trial time.

What makes the paid packages different? #

Other than length of membership, nothing will be different. You will not be able to trial the add-on services by default but we can arrange something if you contact our support.

Do trial users get support the same as paid? #

Yes, our support is inclusive regardless of your membership status with us. The only difference will be the priority in reply for Paid vs Non, where trial users are considered ‘paid’ under their trial.

I’m Ready To Sign Up #

Awesome! If you don’t have any questions you can click here to go to the sign up page.

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