Stock Trading: Robo Investing

Over the past two decades, significant changes have taken place in the realm of stock investments.

During this period, we witnessed the emergence of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as a formidable competitor to mutual funds. Commission-free stock trading also transitioned from being the exception to the norm. Additionally, a new category of investment advisor, known as robo-advisors, entered the scene.

Robo-advisors offer a compelling alternative to traditional financial advisors by providing diversified portfolios at low costs. One of the pioneers in this space was Betterment, which started as a small business focused on utilizing automated investing to construct diversified portfolios comprising stock and bond index fund holdings. Since then, other players like Charles Schwab, Acorns, and many more have introduced similar services.

With a robo-advisor, you can begin investing in stocks without requiring extensive knowledge of the markets. By simplifying the process, it opens up opportunities for beginners with limited funds and market understanding to participate in stock investing.

Furthermore, robo-advisors operate without emotional biases and offer attractive features such as tax-loss harvesting, automated portfolio rebalancing, and age-appropriate adjustments to asset allocation over time.

These innovative investment apps leverage scientific research to optimize portfolio performance, often with minimal initial investments and reasonable fees.

Considering the success of index investing in achieving long-term growth and wealth accumulation, a robo-advisor can prove to be more advantageous than other stock trading platforms.

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