Are there any other risk settings?

Currently no, but I can’t began to tell you how excited I am to start our next wave of development. I know what we have right now isn’t much, we have so much planned and don’t plan on stopping until we can’t possibly do more.

Currently, as far as risk settings go, we have the following planned and in the works:

  • Global Stop Losses: set max loss you’re willing to accept on any trade executed on your account.
  • Global Trailing Stops w/ Legs: set trailing stops to trigger and take over at any minimum price you see fit. Planning to have a way to enable you to scale out of contracts with trailing stops by adding legs.
  • Expiry Settings: If a trader were to call a trade on a Thursday or later for an expiry for that same week, this setting allows you to enter the next weeks trade for the same strike, as long as it’s within your risk settings.
  • Minimum Trade Cost: set minimum cost you want to spend per trade, effectively giving the program the ability to scale up the amount of contracts the initial trader might have executed.

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