Are there other features outside of risk settings?

As I said above, we are constantly thinking of new development ideas, and they don’t stop at risk settings! Additional user features that we are working on to make your experience as a user of our platform include:

  • Trader Analytics: these analytics cover the success of any and all groups you are a paid member of. In the future we plan to release these stats live under our available servers so you can see any single server under our platforms performance, live. The analytics will include everything from average number trades entered, number of winners vs losses, average profit by $ or %, total profits for all users, top user profits, and more!
  • User Dashboard: the user dashboard will feature a full overview of your account(s) linked to any service that is trading under our platform. You will be able to see all the settings listed above for trader analytics, for your own account. On top of that you will see a quick view of your account balance and P/L for the day, you will have the ability to see, back trace, log, and download all trades you had automatically entered for you, searchable by date, plus more.
  • Additional Brokerage Support: We plan to add many more brokers on top of TD Ameritrade so you aren’t stuck with one option. Some brokers we are planning to add include eTrade, Tradier, WeBull, and more!
  • Notifications and Trade Alerts: we are planning to incorporate alerts that will let you know when a trade is executed on your account, how much it cost, how much capital is left, and when the trade closes. We plan to have these available as Discord DMs, SMS Alerts, as well as Email.

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