How does being a merchant work?

Being a merchant means that you can take your existing trading community and start offering your trades to your clients completely automated. That’s right! With our service you can easily connect your existing TD Ameritrade Account as a Trader under our merchant role, and every trade you enter, down to the amount entered, cost of trade, everything, will be exactly mimicked to any user that has their account linked to your trade group, and have the supporting roles that you setup after purchasing your license.

How does it work for your users? #

In the same way that you link your TD Ameritrade Account as a Trader, they will link their TD Ameritrade Account as a Follower. You will be able to set which roles you want to have access to this feature in your trader settings. After they are linked to your group, and have the feature turned on, they can set their risk settings which will allow them to keep within their personal risk tolerance, regardless of the amount or cost of trades you enter.

You can purchase a merchant license here, and if you are interested in being added to our Public Server Index which shows servers currently using our service, click here.

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