What are the costs to auto trade a funded account?

The expenses associated with using Mimic.Trade alongside your funded account can vary based on your unique circumstances. Although the system is anticipated to become less complex within a few months, at present, this is the operational approach.

The current subscription rate for Mimic.Trade is $149.95 per month. This constitutes the initial expenditure to take into account. If your personal computer meets or exceeds the following specifications, this could potentially be your sole outlay:

  • Processor: Quad-core 64-bit processor clocked at 2 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX 10 compatible
  • Storage: SSD Hard Drive

Should you lack a computer that fulfills these requirements, encounter difficulties accessing it consistently, or possess limited technological proficiency, an additional investment may be necessary to ensure a seamless experience.

For individuals in this category, we offer the ‘Hosted Mimic.Trade’ option. This entails us utilizing our in-house servers to host your account. The associated benefits include:

  • Complete Automation: No manual intervention required on your part.
  • 24/7 Operation: Uninterrupted runtime without the need for manual restarts.
  • Accessibility: Trade from any location, not limited to a specific PC (unlike the non-hosted option).

Opting for the ‘Cloud Mimic.Trade’ system incurs an extra cost of $40 monthly on top of the original subscription fee of $149.95. This fee recurs on a monthly basis for as long as the hosted service remains in use.

To summarize, we present two alternatives at distinct price points:

  1. Self-Hosted Mimic.Trade ($149.95/mo): Suitable if you possess a computer meeting the minimum requirements, can proficiently operate and manage the requisite trading software, have unrestricted access to your PC, and maintain a stable high-speed internet connection.
  2. Cloud-Hosted Mimic.Trade ($189.95/mo): Ideal if you want us to host your trading system and accounts on our servers, obviating the need to continuously run your personal PC or monitor it for potential disruptions impacting your trading.

Unless choosing a starter package, it is an additional 1x fee of $50 per funded account you wanted the evaluation passed on by us. This is a one time service fee for passing evaluations.

Please note that these expenses are separate from the charges for your funded account, which are remitted to Apex Trader Funding. Anticipate a monthly expenditure ranging between $200 and $300 to fully utilize our service. In the near future, we plan to streamline the hosting approach, negating the necessity for both options.

Self Hosted Starter Packages (Best for MULTIPLE Accounts) #

Tier 1 – $250 One Time

  • 4x Apex Accounts Passed ($50 per extra)
  • First Month of Mimic Free ($149.95)
    $99.95 saved

Tier 2 – $500 One Time

  • 8x Apex Accounts Passed ($50 per extra)
  • First Two Months of Mimic Free ($299.90)
    $199.95 saved

Cloud Hosted Starter Packages (Best for MULTIPLE Accounts) #

Tier 1 – $250 One Time

  • 3x Apex Accounts Passed ($50 per extra)
  • First Month of Cloud Mimic Free ($189.95)
    $150.00 saved

Tier 2 – $500 One Time

  • 7x Apex Accounts Passed ($50 per extra)
  • First Two Months of Cloud Mimic Free ($379.90)
    $229.90 saved

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