What’s the catch. I don’t get it.

As hard as it is to believe this, there really is no catch. The only risk to you in any way shape or form is what you have in costs to pay for your funded account, which can be pretty nominal in the grand scheme of things.

As mentioned before, obtaining a funded account in no way shape or form can indebt you or otherwise force you to pay back any potential losses incurred etc.

The only catch, if you consider it one, is that you have to be good at trading. These companies are running a business, and as such are only wanting to obtain the best that they can for their business, which in this case happens to be trading capital markets.

If considered to be catches at all, these are the only ones:

  • You have to pass the exam, hitting the profit without hitting the drawdown. Trade a minimum of 7 days to pass
  • You keep the first $25,000 in profits when funded.
  • After that $25,000, Apex keeps 10% and you keep 90% of profits.
  • So instead of risking your capital, you’re allowing them a percentage of profits so you don’t have to worry about crashes, flash crashes, losing all your savings, among other things.

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