Who provides the funded account?

The funded account is facilitated through Apex Trader Funding, yet its acquisition is solely your responsibility. Entities like 870.Trades, Mimic.Trade, Homegrown Investments, or any related subsidiaries are entirely exempt from any involvement in initiating or upholding a funded account on your behalf. In fact, such actions are in direct violation of the companies’ terms of service.

Consequently, regardless of the specific service you are utilizing—be it a lifetime subscription or a monthly plan—the entire spectrum of expenses associated with procuring, managing, and engaging in trading activities within the funded account rests upon the customer who expresses interest in the service.

It is vital to reiterate that your registration for an account or service with us does not translate into any commitment on our part to cover the costs of obtaining funding for you. The financial responsibilities pertaining to such endeavors unequivocally fall entirely on you, without exception and under all circumstances.

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